Week Two|Friday

Dream of Your Ideal Church Start

What if we were not discerning a direction for an existing church, but discerning the shape of a brand new church? What is their was not past record of “success” or “failures?” What if all options were on the table and we were fully open to God’s dream for Christ’s church in our community? What might that church look like?

As we move forward in this process of discernment we are going to begin working on an imaginative Church Start Plan. Each week you will have the opportunity to ask some of the questions that new church starters ask before they launch a new work and to go back and revise your answers from the previous weeks.

So, take five or ten minutes and imagine what your ideal church start would like if you were to start it tomorrow. You may want to sit with your eyes closed, you may go for a walk outside, you may have a prayerful and creative conversation with a friend or family member. In either case, try to “see” this ideal church in your mind and heart.

Journal about your new church start with as much detail as possible.

This week we are focusing on Why.
In developing your church start plan, you should be explicit in laying out the 1) Mission 2) Vision and 3) Values of your new community. You may not have these perfectly crafted at this point, but begin to explain why do you want to start a church and what is the purpose for this church. Think about how your gifts and style of ministry fit with this vision.

Dedicate time to capturing all your initial ideas, but don’t be afraid to go back and add and revise your thoughts over the next several days and weeks.

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