Week One|Tuesday

The French film Of Gods and Men (2010) was based on the real events in the life of  Trappist monastery in Algeria in 1995 and 1996. The film depicts the difficult decisions that the Christian monks had to make during the Algerian Civil War. As violence and extremism increased the monks were forced to choose between leaving Algeria for safety or staying among the people they loved and had been called to serve. The decision was complex. They had different opinions. How would they find peace and act in unity.

Watch this clip from the film:

To decide together what God wanted them to do, the monks first had to recognize and let go of their own agendas, desires, biases, and prejudices. This could not happen immediately. The had to take time to pray and examine themselves before they could come back together and move forward in unity. (You can watch the movie to see how it turned out.)

What are the biases and agendas that prevent you from hearing what God wants for this church?

Spend five minutes in siting or walking in silence then journal about you thoughts. Share some of your thoughts among your family members.

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