Week One|Monday

This coming Sunday we will be discussing discernment. In Cooperative Baptist Fellowship circles discernment is often described as listening to the God that is present among us. How do we listen to God? Over the next several days you will have the opportunity to reflect on how you believe you hear from God and how you make decisions.

Set aside 15 minutes alone or share this time as a family devotional.

Read Acts 16:4-10.

The context of the scripture is Paul and his companions setting out to fulfill the decision made by the church leaders at the Jerusalem council to return to established churches for encouragement.

As you read the passage listen and focus on a word or phrase that the Holy Spirit brings to you. Repeat that word or phrase in your mind and heart. Reflect upon it.


Read the passage again and focus on a truth that the Holy Spirit might be bringing to mind around your word or phrase. Journal about it.


Be still. Rest. Feel God’s presence as you listen to the Scripture again.


If you are with you family, each of you share some of what you reflected on.

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