Week One|Friday

We continue down this path. One foot in front of the other.

As we close out these weekdays, spend several minutes reflecting on each these questions one at a time. If you are meeting with your household, share your thoughts with one another.

This week we have reflected on discernment. How would you define discernment?



What have Paul and the monks from North Africa taught you about discernment?


What does Paul’s call to Macedonia in Acts 16 teach us about new chapters in the Kingdom of God?


How do these reflections this week relate to the current chapter of your faith journey?


How does the story of Paul’s call to Macedonia speak to you about innovation?



How did it speak to you about a church’s calling?



Take plenty of time to journal about these questions and any thoughts that are bubbling up from this weeks readings and prayers. Tomorrow rest. Sunday worship. Be at peace.

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