Week Four|Tuesday

Square Peg in a Round Hole

In the 1995 film Apollo 13 we join the astronauts and mission control crew as they work through unexpected and life threatening complications with limited resources, but unlimited imagination. Watch the following clip depicting a problem with the oxygen filter on the space craft:

How anxious did the participants seem?

Where did their story take unexpected turns?

Watch this next clip and see how the engineers discovered a creative solution:

Reflect slowly on each one of the following questions. Don’t rush. Wait for insights and journal about your thoughts.

How was a new filter formed for the space capsule? What assets were discovered and how were they re-purposed?

Who participated in the formation of a new filter and what was their role?

How were the participants re-formed by by this dilemma and its solution?

How did both planning and discovery play a role in formation?

Is planning or discovery more difficult? More rewarding? More open?

How are both planing and discovery valuable in the life of the church?

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