Week Five|Thursday

Dream of Your Ideal Church Start: Bringing Together the Dreams

Throughout the Awake season we have been working on an on-going exercise of imagining starting a new church. You have been asked to dream about the why, where, who, how, and resources and support for this imagined church start. Today, take out your plan and read it over. Where you inspired by any insights from the Vision Matrix or when you looked over the CBF new church starts websites? Add any new ideas you have to you plan.

Now, type it up! As you type your plan, pray over it and make changes as you feel inspired.

When you are finished, email it to Roger (livingfaithminister@gmail.com). We will collect all the plans and bring together different dreams from around the church to make a mosaic of what God has been saying to us. We will look at the big picture on Sunday.


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