Shoe Boxes for Eastern Kentucky


Since 2004 the Living Faith community has packed Christmas shoe boxes more mission partners to deliver to youth in need. Each November members have party and pack plastic boxes with supplies for children and teenagers. Since 2014 we have committed to sending our boxes to some of the poorest regions of Eastern Kentucky, where CBF Field Personnel Scarlette Jasper and Olive Branch Ministries distributes them. We load up our boxes and travel to Somerset where Living Faith host a Christmas pizza party with Santa Claus for children and their families.


      • Nov. 20 – Packing Party
            • Supper provided
            • Items are packed into boxes
            • Everyone has fun
      • Dec. 3 – Trip to  Somerset – Leaving from the church at 9:30 am
            • Boxes are transported to Somerset
            • Living Faith hosts a Christmas party for kids
            • Everyone has fun