Offering for Global Mission 2017

Merry Christmas!

It is the season of Emmanuel — God with us. But for people who have never heard the Gospel, they don’t know that God is with them. They don’t know God’s love.

This season, as a celebration of Christ’s birth, will you share God’s love with someone who needs to feel it — who needs and longs to meet our Savior?

It’s easy with a donation to CBF. Your special Christmas gift will help keep a missionary in the field. Your gift will ensure that lonely, hurting people hear the words of the Gospel and experience the love in the Gospel.
So much of the joy of Christmas comes from the joy of giving. Gifts make our loved ones light up with happiness — big smiles, sometimes even tears.
So it is hard to imagine how empty Christmas can be for people who don’t know Christ. 
With your help, people around the world will experience the love and saving grace of Christ this season. By making a gift today, your compassion will touch women and children fleeing from violence and persecution. You will help neighbors in need. You will share the Gospel.
At the end of each year, I ask for help to keep all of our missionaries in the field, because you and I want the same thing: for every missionary to do the work they have been called to do.
So I ask this Christmas that you give a special gift and help keep one missionary in the field. Give a gift today.
Your gift will be tax deductible for 2017 if you make it before December 31.
Personally, I am hoping you’ll make it before Christmas, because it’s an incredible blessing to go into the new year knowing exactly how much support we’re able to provide to missionaries — and to people who need to hear the Good News!
Right now we have young people who want to serve. They are willing to give a lifetime of service to missions. To tell a missionary that they will stay in the field — doing what they are called by God to do — might be the best possible gift. And you can do it today!
CBF is “built on the rock” of faithful donors like you. You make it possible for refugees to be welcomed to new homes. You make it possible for hungry people to be served warm food. You help share the Gospel with people who have never heard it before. You make Beloved Community come alive.
We need your help. Share the Gospel. Be part of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment right now. Provide safe shelter and meals to people who need them. Welcome one person home this Christmas, and take the love of Jesus into all the world.
Your special Christmas gift does all of that and so much more. Your gifts are multiplied many times over across the globe, and I am so thankful that I can turn to you for your compassionate support.
In this Advent season of anticipation, God’s love and peace are needed now more than ever.
So please, on behalf of our brothers and sisters who have not yet heard the Good News of great joy, give as generously as possible. Your special gift will help lift up hurting souls just waiting for the Good News this Christmas season.
Thank you for keeping missionaries in the field with your Gospel-sharing Christmas gift.
Grace in all corners,
Suzii Paynter
Executive Coordinator