Prayer exercises for a season of discernment and renewal

Week Six|Tuesday


As we have moved though these last five weeks we have begun to get a collective vision of what Living Faith is all about. We have prayed about and listened to one another as we have explored our purpose, calling, context, and giftedness. I hope you have begun to feel a sense on anticipation and excitement. Over the next couple months the task will be for us to take these principles of our identity and to put them into action. One question for you to consider as we move forward is where you fit into this emerging ministry. We believe that a church does not just operate as individuals with individual jobs who happen to be serving in one another’s presence, but a church team of inter-dependent individuals whose talents and passion complement and magnify the talents of other team members. (Remember our reading of 1 Corinthians 12.)

One way to think about how we fit into a place of ministry in to consider our personality. Our personality and temperament has a lot to do with what roles we play best on a team Take this short personality inventory – DISC Personality Inventory.

Look over your results and prayerfully journal.

Think how your personality has helped teams and committees in the past. Have you helped them to move forward more quickly? More thoughtfully? With clearer focus?

How have you typically interacted with other group members?

How have your particular personality traits been a liability on occasion?

How have other group member’s personalities challenged your patience in the past? What does this say about them? What does this say about you?

Going forward, what should you be aware of in your own nature to help you work better with a group?

Rest in God’s presence and thank God for how you have been mysteriously and wonderfully made.

Week Six|Monday

Read Acts 15:36-41.

Follow the process of Sacred Scripture Reading as described before. (Instructions are here.)

Journal about your reflections.

What is your first reaction to the text? What stuck out to you?

What does this text teach us about group dynamics? What does it teach us about identifying our role within a group dynamic? What does it teach us about taking responsibility for our actions and words within a group?

Like Paul and Barnabus, we must decide how we will handle impasses. How can we work together to handle disagreements?
How did it speak to you about church renewal?



Week Five|Thursday

Dream of Your Ideal Church Start: Bringing Together the Dreams

Throughout the Awake season we have been working on an on-going exercise of imagining starting a new church. You have been asked to dream about the why, where, who, how, and resources and support for this imagined church start. Today, take out your plan and read it over. Where you inspired by any insights from the Vision Matrix or when you looked over the CBF new church starts websites? Add any new ideas you have to you plan.

Now, type it up! As you type your plan, pray over it and make changes as you feel inspired.

When you are finished, email it to Roger ( We will collect all the plans and bring together different dreams from around the church to make a mosaic of what God has been saying to us. We will look at the big picture on Sunday.


Week Five|Wednesday

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Investigate CBF New Church Start Models

There are different approaches to being a congregation in the 21st century. There is no one “right way.” Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has supported and encouraged several approaches in its church starting efforts and will continue to do so in the future. Each new church is situational, contextual, and organic, responding to its particular cultural setting. Each of our church starts is unique. Bellow are links to several new CBF church starts. Take time to explore there websites. As you do, pray for them and the Gospel work they are involved in. Finally, spend the next day dreaming about what is possible in and through Living Faith in these next few years. Be creative and courageous. Journal about your dreams.

The Well

Pleasant Hills Country Church

Tobacco Trail Church
Grace Baptist ChurchThe Restoration Project

Week Five|Tuesday

Go here to take the Vision Matrix. This is an exercise in describing the culture of our church. When taking the assessment, don’t over think it. Simply pick the word in each row that best fits our categorization the best. Keep a tally for each row and at the end count up whether you have more I’s, S’s, E’s, or M’s. The explanation and application of this assessment can be found here: Vision Matrix Interpretation.

Take time to prayerfully journal about the following questions:

Which expression of the church best defines us? Why?

What qualities can we take away from each expression and implement into what we are doing?

What gives you the most energy around what we are doing?

Week Four|Friday

Dream of Your Ideal Church Start: Support and Resources

As we continue our exercise of imagining starting a new church. You have laid out why, where, who, and how. But now we have do deal with logistics. What support and resources will you need. Review your plan so far and think about the following question:

• What resources will this new church start need?
• Who will you partner with? Think about what organizations you could team up with.
• What are local resources? Are there other local churches, schools, community ministries that you would want to involve? How can you engage the social resources in your community?

Add these details as you revise your church start plan.

Week Four|Thursday

Dream of Your Ideal Church Start: How

We have been working on an on-going exercise where you imagined starting a new church. You should have already written down ideas about why, where, and who. Review and revise your thoughts on these topics. Today we brainstorm the how.

How will your new church reach the community. What will your church focus on? Worship? Small groups? Missions? Social ministries? Of course, most churches will have all of these activities, but what will your church’s priorities be? What will worship, discipleship, ministry (missional ministry), and community look like in your new church start? Add your vision for these elements to your strategic plan.

Week Four|Wednesday

Asset Mapping

You have permission to have fun, be creative, and think outside box.

If you were asked to teach a class on any topic, what would you teach? Consider your passions, strengths, and interests. For example, if you enjoy hiking and are pretty knowledgeable about it, why not teach a class on hiking?

Write down three things you could teach class on. Each thing should be written on a separate sticky note or piece of paper.

If you had the opportunity to take a class on any topic, what would it be? Consider something you’d like to learn more about or an area that is not your strong suit. For example, if you would like to learn how to cook but would currently burn the house down if you tried, why not take a class on cooking?

Write down the subjects for three classes you’d like to take. Each thing should be written on a separate sticky note piece of paper.

Read 1 Corinthians 12.

Journal about the following questions:

What are my strengths?

How can my strengths enhance the relational ministry of the church?

What do I bring to the group?

How do my strengths fit well with others in the group?

Look at each of your separate pieces of paper. Say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gifts God has given you and commit to serve as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Bring your papers with the class descriptions to Bible Study on Sunday morning.