Week Six: Discovering Commitment

Week Six|Tuesday


As we have moved though these last five weeks we have begun to get a collective vision of what Living Faith is all about. We have prayed about and listened to one another as we have explored our purpose, calling, context, and giftedness. I hope you have begun to feel a sense on anticipation and excitement. Over the next couple months the task will be for us to take these principles of our identity and to put them into action. One question for you to consider as we move forward is where you fit into this emerging ministry. We believe that a church does not just operate as individuals with individual jobs who happen to be serving in one another’s presence, but a church team of inter-dependent individuals whose talents and passion complement and magnify the talents of other team members. (Remember our reading of 1 Corinthians 12.)

One way to think about how we fit into a place of ministry in to consider our personality. Our personality and temperament has a lot to do with what roles we play best on a team Take this short personality inventory – DISC Personality Inventory.

Look over your results and prayerfully journal.

Think how your personality has helped teams and committees in the past. Have you helped them to move forward more quickly? More thoughtfully? With clearer focus?

How have you typically interacted with other group members?

How have your particular personality traits been a liability on occasion?

How have other group member’s personalities challenged your patience in the past? What does this say about them? What does this say about you?

Going forward, what should you be aware of in your own nature to help you work better with a group?

Rest in God’s presence and thank God for how you have been mysteriously and wonderfully made.

Week Six|Monday

Read Acts 15:36-41.

Follow the process of Sacred Scripture Reading as described before. (Instructions are here.)

Journal about your reflections.

What is your first reaction to the text? What stuck out to you?

What does this text teach us about group dynamics? What does it teach us about identifying our role within a group dynamic? What does it teach us about taking responsibility for our actions and words within a group?

Like Paul and Barnabus, we must decide how we will handle impasses. How can we work together to handle disagreements?
How did it speak to you about church renewal?

We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake … by an infinite expectation of the dawn. – Henry David Thoreau


Every once in a while we have to stop and take a deep breath. Life gets filled with a lot of busyness. Other people’s goals and agendas crowd in on us and begin to set our direction. We become distracted and lose sight of where God is calling us.

Outside of our pride and preferences there is the perfect will of God. This Creator God breathed life into us and has uniquely gifted us with talent and passion. These good gifts are given for service to a hurting world. Awake is a sacred season of renewal and discernment, a time for fresh vision, for each of us and for our church together. Each week day we will individually reflect through prayer exercises and journaling. On Saturday I invite you to just rest in God’s presence. On Sundays we will share what we are hearing, share in group activities, brainstorm plans for the future, and worship. Join me in awakening to a new dream, God’s dream for us and our community.
The Purpose of  Awake is to create space in our lives to imagine new and innovative ministry without the confines of traditions and bi-laws. This process will help our church listen to God’s Spirit in our midst so that we will know where God is leading us in the near future so that we may make faithful decisions about important questions based on our values, context, and strengths as a congregation.

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