Our Story

In June of 2004, a small group of individuals begin meeting on Sunday evenings in private homes. By October this small group has grown to about 50 people who begin to meet to discern God’s direction for this group. The next month a loading dock at a local carpet store was transformed with sheets and folding chairs in to a place of worship. It would be fondly called the “Carpet Tabernacle”. When the “Carpet Tabernacle” could no longer be used, a move was made to the old electric coop building. The “Carpet Tabernacle” became the “House of Power”.

On January 23, 2005, 93 souls gathered to officially constitute Living Faith Baptist Fellowship. A Church Covenant was signed as all joined in a covenant relationship with each other and with God. For the first year Living Faith relied on “Preachers of the Month” These included Rick Landen, Dwight Moody, Karen Thomas Smith, Greg Earwood, John Lepper, Bill Turner, Dalen Jackson, Joel Gregory, Jim England and Bill Marshall. In January of 2006, we called one of our own, David Brandon, to become our interim Pastor. He served until October of 2006, providing leadership and stability to the new work.

In October of 2006, Mark Judd was called as our first full time Pastor and we moved to our first permanent building. Earlier that year, Living Faith had purchased a building and land on Corporate Drive in Elizabethtown formally used as an indoor golf simulator. June of 2008 saw the last payment on our present building. In December of that same year, 8 acres on West Park Road was purchased for a new building. In July of 2009, Bob DeFoor was called as Interim Pastor.

Bob DeFoor served until July 2010, when Roger Jasper was called as the full time Minister. And so the journey continues. As we move towards the construction of a new worship center, may we never forget our past or lose our hope. May we continue to journey with a living faith, in covenant with each other and with our God.

We finished our new building in Spring 2017. Look back over the Faith Forward building process here: